Law Office
Law Office
Law Office
Can & Partner Law Office
We take on the complete resolution of the complex and many sided disagreements.
If needed we form a team constituted of consultants and professionals from other disciplines.

Due to our cooperation with foreign law offices we can give highly effective international services.

We obtain this flexibility because of our cooperation membership with Juritax - Attorneys Financial Consultants and Notaries.

You will find more information about the Juritax members and offices in

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Law Office
To be able to proceed the needs of the client in a legal way, we depend on the power of attorney given by the client.You can use and download the examples of the power of attorney texts shown under. We can send you the power of attorney texts on request.

The power of attorney given outside Turkey are only valid with the assent of the Notary and of the Apostil made by Hague Convention in 1961.

ok General Power Of Attorney
ok Power Of Attorney for Trademarks

pdfTo open the PDF files you need to download Acrobat Reader.

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